Rally to Save Adult Education and Other Critical Programs!

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 7:54:25 AM

Monica Garcia and Superintendent Deasy are waging all out class war on the working poor and immigrant population in our city. This quote from a local teacher sums it up:

Unfortunately, we have an incompetent superintendent and a gullible Board of Education who seem to think that the way to deal with a 6.5% cut in funding is to cut 25-30% of our teaching staff and eliminate educational opportunities for 30-35% of our students, many of whom are parents and relatives of our K-12 students. At the same time, our incompetent superintendent wants to increase spending for consultants, new directors/bureaucrats and more useless testing.

Saving programs like Adult Education, SRLDP, Early Education Centers, and Elementary Arts will only happen if we put tremendous political pressure on the existing trustees:

20120329 Save Our Adult Schools Rally bilingual