Statement made at Adult Education Fair in MacArthur Park

Post date: May 20, 2012 2:58:43 AM

I'm not just running because I have a different vision for LAUSD that's based on Freire's principles, I'm running because few are more knowledgeable than I am regarding the privatizers, their agenda, and their neoliberal methodology. We need a trustee who will literally wage war against Deasy, Gates, Broad, Pearson, and the insatiably greedy charter-voucher industry. We need a trustee that will fight them in the press, the LAUSD boardroom, and everywhere else. We need a trustee that will counter Deasy and Villaraigosa's meetings with vile right-wing groups like Teach+ and FIN by promoting district sponsored events with actual education experts like Dr. Krashen and Dr. Ravitch. Lastly, we need a trustee immersed in social justice principles and a background in authentic activism!