Save Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Educator Ron Gochez at PLAS' Santee High School (LAUSD)

Post date: Jun 14, 2012 11:26:7 PM

Long time enemy of public education — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — has used his long arm to initiate a vindictive reprisal against Social Justice Educator Ron Gochez. Villaraigosa's henchman, ex-Green Dot Corporation flunky Marshall Tuck, surreptitiously announced that the privately managed organization Partnership for Los Angeles Schools (PLAS) would be eliminating the only Ethnic Studies program at the culturally diverse South Los Angeles Santee High School. This overt political hit job robs impoverished students of color of their chance to learn about their culture and history. These politically motivated attacks are both racist and ethnocentric. PLAS' Marshal Tuck, Doc Ervin, Angela Bass and Ricardo Ruiz have a long history of these attacks. Four years ago they banned the Dual Language Program and the Academic English Mastery Program at Ritter, two years ago they banned the teaching of core subjects in Spanish at Roosevelt as they had done for a generation. When the core subjects are taught in Spanish, they are counted as A-G. When they are taught through the ESL dept, they typically are not.

Join the struggle to save Ron Gochez and the highly regarded Ethnic Studies courses at Santee. Tell Marshall Tuck to stop book banning and killing cultures. Don't let PLAS turn Los Angeles into Arizona!